Your Ideais and CO’s…

Your Ideais and CO’s…

New economic concepts – sustainable, collaborative, collective – are being put into practice and giving a new face to the traditional capitalist model. In my opinion, understanding the scenario (we’re no longer talking about a trend, this is our reality and the future of the market) is key when we have or are about to open a small business. For enterprises in which SIZE matters, this is fundamental.

Despite the headlines around the world, I believe in a greater movement: collaboration. I like to think that people are trying to come out of their fortresses and establish real connections with others (I’m an OPTIMIST, ABOVE ALL).

In business it is pretty much the same. Opening up to collaboration has re-signified the market., whether it is through crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, coworking or any other type of collaborative economics.

Crowdfunding is resorting to collecting intelligence for the benefit a company and/or customer to develop or qualify a product or service. Crowdfunding is a collective financing proposal using mainly online platforms (a good option when there is a great idea for a business but no funding to actually make it happen). Coworking is sharing office space and resources.

Maybe your idea was not born in this cradle, but it can always feed on these concepts. Connect yourself!

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