Vera & 3 key elements

Vera & 3 key elements

6 months ago I posted on a business amsterdam women’s facebook group about my project. In 1 hour I received more than 150 returns. Women willing to know more, share their Entrepreneuring stories. Vera Barfi, founder of Zin in Puur, was one of the first and most enjoyable discoveries :)

Vera is Armenian borned in Iran. In 1998 Vera was admitted to the Iranian National University for Theoretical Economy. In 2000, in a vacation trip, she met her husband and two years later she married him and moved to Netherlands, where she decided to make her second university degree (Econometrics).

Worked as an Econometrist for both private and government institutions for 7 years. Decided to start her own company as soon her first child started go to the daycare and she saw a business opportunity: provide fresh, health, warm meals to kids at day cares.

She needed almost 2 years researching to check the feasibility of her idea, build the business plan and decided for a good name. In 2012 she started “Zin in Puur” (in English, something like “love the pure”). Today they have customers from Groningen to Antwerp and around 1000 children eat their meals every day.

It is amazing the number of women I have had contact in this one year since I started this project that decided enterprising after maternity.

Although maternity being the tipping point for many, the reasons can be different from each women. Vera is ambitious, she has started her own business confident that she would be able to have more flexibility but the main motivation, in her case, was the business opportunity it self.  Vera was convinced that she would succeed in financials terms. Besides, she felt deeply touched for the mission of offers health meals for kids.

A clear and inspiring mission + a robust business plan + an empowered women = key elements for success.

Vera, it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you continue to fligh high…

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