A BRAND ON A MISSION: Thoughtful Clothing for Active People

VELO combined love of fashion and cycling was the inspiration behind Velo. With the growing number of people cycling to work, we wanted to produce comfortable, functional, and fashionable clothes for the urban cyclist. So, we combined smart design for sport, and everyday wear, with the latest technology. The result is a range of clothing that can be used for almost any activity – travelling, walking, hiking, cycling and more.

VELO clothes have a classic design, which means they won’t go out of fashion quickly, they can be used in any season and with any accessories and footwear. You name the activity – you can probably do it wearing our clothes.

Simply Wear, Wash and Dry

The clothes were designed and tested by cyclists and made to last – just like you who chose to stroll around on your bike.

Activities that rely so much on the body usually require specific apparel. You have to be comfortable to ride, so why not have smart clothes you can also wear to go out go to work?

Velo’s number 1 concern is with light, breathable, quick-drying and wrinkle-free fabrics that also have FPU+50 protection and bacteriostatic protection, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. The fabric is composed of emana®, a thread developed from bioactive minerals that absorb the body heat and emanate long infrared rays, stimulating blood microcirculation and reducing muscle fatigue.

Velo also uses the first fabric composed of biodegradable polyamide, helping reduce environmental impact considerably.

All fabrics are ‘easy to care’, that is, they don’t wrinkle easily and you won’t have to iron as much.

These clothes are made to reduce water and energy usage and the most important part is: the pieces won’t lose their technological features no matter how much you wash them.

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