The first thing that comes to the mind of MOST entrepreneurs is MONEY, whether to invest or as return/profit. I am certain that is why so many businesses fail. INNOVATION or the IDEA should be the number one concern (at first) of the entrepreneur.

When we talk about investments, the truth is that business initiatives no longer rely on financial investors to exist.

As for return, well, I believe that today there are far more angles to give new meanings to the idea of success. The criteria that define a successful person or business have changed in the middle of the chaos. To balance it out, other compensatory motivations should be considered: the realization of a purpose, personal development, creative satisfaction.

This blogs tells a variety of stories of female entrepreneurship. The common line between all of these women (myself included) is: success is NOT measured in a financial currency in the first place.

But what about profit? Let’s not be naive, we all have to pay our bills, but how much they amount to is under your control. Never forget that.

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