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A fresh and playful approach to one-of-a-kind, sophisticated and usable jewelry that is surprising everybody. MANUALE Jewelry is the brand of handmade fashion/contemporary jewellery created in 2011 by the designer and advertising professional Natalia Pitta in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Exclusivity, sophistication and usability are the key-words to describe this brand and its pieces full of color, texture and movement.

Always on the look for what is ‘one-of-a-kind’ and innovative, the designer uses a particular mix of materials (bronze, silver, copper, brass, wood, rubber, and resin) and has created the exclusive 18K Burgundy Gold plating: a mix of many shades of gold that results in a singular ‘purple’ hue, which she used in her Candle Collection.

With more than eight collections under the label, for some time Natalia has gathered efforts to make herself known in the international market. Manuale was the only brand invited, among many others in Europe and Latin America, to expose in ‘Complete Parts: Spectacular Visions of Jewelry’, a showcase for new talents in the fashion jewelry industry organized by the Draft Space curatorship in New York in 2014 and 2015. In 2017 and 2018, Manuale was the only Portuguese brand selected to show in ‘Artistar Jewels’, the renowned contemporary jewelry market that took place in Italy during the Milan Fashion Week. There, Manuale was awarded the Venusta Necklace, which later toured other European cities. At last, Pitta was invited to integrated the last ‘Spanish Joyeria Contemporánea yearbook’, published by the Duplex Group.

In June 2018, Manuale Jewelry opened their first shop in Cascais, Portugal, where they produce all of their pieces. Currently the brand is marketing their last collection ‘From the Deep’, which draws inspiration from the delicateness of the ocean, while the designer works in two more special pieces that will be showcased in the next Artistar Jewels in February 2019, in Milan.