Scientists say that by 2050 we are going to need two earths to support our needs. The uncontrollable and compulsive consumption is taking a very heavy toll individuals, society and the environment.

We’re ALL part of the problem, but we can also be agents of transformation if we opt to live more solidary and conscientious lives:

  • consume less
  • look for alternatives
  • live only with what’s truly necessary.

Consumerism is an outdated behaviour that in time (in my case, now) we will feel ashamed of.

The act of buying is reconsidered as a social practice. In the fashion market, for example, the increasingly frequent revelations of precarious and slavery-like work conditions have brought up an ethical standpoint towards purchase decisions.

The catastrophic predictions for our future call for an immediate change of mindset. Fortunately, the only constant in life is change. We know ‘how’ to do it, we just have to decide ‘when’. Why not now?

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