Life Happens When You’re Awake

Life Happens When You’re Awake

Camila started working at the age of 16 to help pay the bills at home and save some money. She was already interested in modeling and dreamed of going to fashion school. During the day, she worked in a clothing store. She fought through it all, went to fashion school and started a career in textile weaving focused in technological fabric. A supplier of major sports brands, she worked for many lifestyle brands, until she met Claudia.

Claudia discovered her talent for drawing very early, and at 19 she dreamed of becoming an architect, but it was in her waking life that she met her husband, had her first child and decided to dedicate herself to the exhausting job of a mom of three. Years later, she began working with quality control for a luxury confection and, after 2 years opened an atelier along with a colleague with a background in modeling. They created and produced garments for the same label they used to work for. Soon they saw their creations being shipped to more than 20 countries and supplied to great luxury designers/brands that sought excellence above all.

One day, over wine and snacks, Camila and Claudia talked about how they wanted to make clothes with a purpose.

Through they came from different backgrounds, they shared a passion: cycling. The younger, Camila, does not remember when bicycles became such an integral part of her life (it has ALWAYS been there), while Claudia can pinpoint exactly how this love was born: she started cycling in 2010 and, at the height of her physical form, found out she had breast cancer. After a successful treatment, she is able to bicycle up to 1500m in accumulated ascent.

PURPOSE and PASSION are VELO’s foundation. One of the most interesting brands and fashion proposals I have seen in some time.

Yes. Only dreaming won’t make anything happen. This is the real world. We have to take our dreams out of the drawing board with a good dose of market study, professionalism and resilience.

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