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My name is Bruna and I worked for more than 10 years in the corporate world. During this period, though I was happy and satisfied – most of the time -, the desire to have my own company and add more purpose to my career never left me.

After becoming a mother and moving abroad this desire became a necessity. In 2018 I found the proper condition, inspiration and courage to go down this path.

“SheFoundaWay” was initially a BLOG with the purpose to share stories of entrepreneuring women from all sorts of backgrounds to inspire many others towards new possibilities. It had also an E-COMMERCE focused on female business brands.

But soon it was clear that my ambition and the opportunity were much bigger! Today we call ourselves a female business platform whose mission is to inspire and empower women’s choices. Connecting people through real women enterprising stories. Supporting their business growth by increasing the awareness of their companies and products.

Because we deeply believe in the power of connections. People Connection. Purpose Connection. Business opportunities Connection.

Join us!

I am happy to have found a new path. Confident that what worth is the journey.