A first step

A first step

Those who take pride on their work only do the best work’ her father used to say. A respectable man I had the opportunity to meet and draw inspiration from. Propelled by this fatherly mantra and by the incessant desire to see a piece of his soul in her work, Natalia created Manuale. An authentic jewelry shop that sells real works of art to wear everyday. Authenticity is the greatest feature of the pieces of jewelry created by the talented Natalia and are the proof of a free-flowing and passionate creative process.

When was the last time you gave life (from a piece of paper, your heart, your hands…) to anything free and passionate?

Natalia’s first move was to step out of her incipient and yet promising career in advertising to learn something mew. She did not know where her heart was, like most of us. What she did have was an uncomfortable feeling about her career and the certainty that she wanted to try something new. She chose to do what she loved, something that could light up a spark. She knew in her heart that it was craftwork. After a few hours searching the web, she was taking her first lesson in handmade jewelry.

It takes a lot of guts (and a pinch of madness) to leap into the unknown. When the ‘known’ does not fulfils us, maybe that is our only option, don’t you think?

Sometimes all we need is a first step. Doubts? Well, they are our fuel to move forward.

Learn more about Manuale and Natalia here.

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